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2021 Ant Moore Signature Pinot Gris

2021 Ant Moore Signature Pinot Gris

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 x12 bottle case of our Ant Moore Signature Pinot Gris.

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Things worth knowing:

How to use your staff allowance:

At this stage you can only use your staff allowance in-person at The Fancy Cow.

We are working on integrating our online and in-person software but this isn't a quick job and will take some time.

Ship or pick up:

Due to all our wine being stored at Wineworks there is an option in how you receive your wine.

PICK UP selection at check out:
Your order will be included in our monthly Wineworks order which is placed on the 20th of each month, once received at the Winery it'll be available for collection.

SHIP selection at check out:
If you would like to receive your wine within 2-3 days of ordering, please select ship at checkout and you wine will be delivered directly from the Wineworks warehouse.

Friends and family:

If you have any family or friends that would like to purchase our wine, they can do so via the main shop on our website and use the code FF2023 at check out for a 20% discount off their purchase.

This code does not apply to our Wine Club subscriptions which already have a 20% discount built into them. It will override the 15% case sale discount.

Events, fundraisers, sponsorship etc.:

If you would like to purchase our wine for an event (e.g. wedding), have our wine sponsor a sports club raffle or something along those lines, please talk to Wendy to discuss the options available.

Wine Club

There will be no further discount applied to the Wine Club offering for staff. Built into the subscription service is already a 20% discount and free shipping, along with other member benefits.